PSM-2 / PSMII Exam simulator 80+ questions

With this PSM-2 exam simulator you will have 1 year access to 80+ questions that have been composed by accredited trainers.

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This PSM-2 / PSMII exam Simulator will help you with the following:

PSM II (Professional Scrum Master II) is a Scrum Master certificate for advanced users. You can get this certificate on and you can get one attempt. To obtain the PSM II certificate you must answer at least 85% of the 30 multiple choice questions correctly. You get 90 minutes for this. PSM I questions are about the Scrum pillars, rules and values. The PSM II questions are almost all challenging questions about specific situations that you encounter as a Scrum Master. You have to assess what is going on and determine the right course of action based on the Scrum rules, principles and values. This means that you must not only have knowledge of Scrum, but also that you must have experience as a Scrum Master in many different situations.

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PSM-2 / PSMII Exam simulator 90+ questions

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